To the Okmulgee Community:

What a success! On behalf of the planning committee of Okmulgee AirFest, we would like to extend a solid thanks to our community, our generous sponsors, and all of the gracious volunteers who participated in creating such a wonderful event. Because of your support and dedication, we were able to host an amazing inaugural air show that more than 2,500 attendees enjoyed and will remember for years to come.

We have received an influx of positive remarks regarding the performers, the activities for children, and the aviation impact it had on attendees. Not only was this a family-friendly event, but we were able to support local businesses and show guests from out of town how welcoming Okmulgee is.

If it weren’t for your dedication and passion for this community, this event would simply not have happened. We hope that you walked away from the Okmulgee Airport with a sense of pride and accomplishment in knowing that that you are, in fact, Okmulgee Rising.

The Okmulgee Airfest Planning Committee